Why BidClubs?

We spoil our ladies

At BidClubs, we believe that with all the time and preparation ladies put into getting ready, they shouldn't pay for their drinks! That's why we're happy to provide open bar for them from 10pm to midnight for the first 200 who reserve their free entry.

We take care of our gentlemen

With BidClubs, guys will now be able to see the number of girls who confirmed their presence for the evening and the live count in the club once the night has started. Booths will now be subject to auction by bidding so gather your crew and come enjoy some drinks with the finest women of Montreal.

No more lineups

No one likes to wait in line especially when it's freezing outside or raining. Now when you have your reservation coupon, you can get it scanned right away and enter the event. The only ones waiting outside are the ones that didn't reserve, and they wont get in. No more lies and trying to build a hype with bouncers saying its full capacity when the club is empty. 


Ultimately, BidClubs will allow you to forecast and better plan your nightouts. Never take another guess on what your night is going to be like, you will now be able to track ratio and traffic in clubs in order to better answer your needs.

Know what to expect with BidClubs!